Using Book Trackers In the Classroom

Do you set reading goals for your students throughout the school year? When I taught third and fourth grade in public school our district used the Accelerated Reading program to set point goals for our students throughout the year. My students always found it helpful when I gave them a point tracker form where they could fill in or color sections when they would reach a certain number of points. The point trackers allowed them to visually see their progress with their goal every nine weeks. Before I used point trackers in my classroom, I had students who would wait until the last two weeks of the nine-week period before they would attempt to reach their point goal. I knew I needed a system in place that helped my students manage their reading goals. This is when book tracker forms became a main staple in my classroom. Students found it more exciting to reach their goals when they had something they could visually see that showed them their progress towards their goal. So, I began creating custom book trackers for my students. They kept them in their reading binders and would color in a section or image each time they finished a book that brought them closer to their goal.

Now that I homeschool my own children, we do not use the A.R point system. Instead, we set goals for how many books we want to read within a nine-week period. My daughter and I decide together how many books she will read each nine weeks. I decided to create my own book tracker to use for my personal reading goals. Together, my daughter and I, reach our reading goals with the help of fun and encouraging book trackers.

I have created a fun Under the Sea themed book tracker that my daughter will use at the beginning of our new school year. My plan is to print, hole punch, and add it to her morning binder. Each time she finishes a book she will color in an image on her book tracker. She will know when she has finished her reading goal when all of the images are colored in and completed. You can grab the Under the Sea themed book tracker that I created for my daughter for free by subscribing below. You will receive a PDF download that you can save and print whenever you need a fun book tracker!