Graph 200 Days of School

Do your students enjoy calendar time each morning? Maybe you have a math focus wall that you use daily. This resource is quite possibly my most popular resource in my Teachers Pay Teachers™ product store. And it’s FREE!

I have been following and listening to Becca Davis’ YouTube channel for awhile now and let me just say, she is one of the most encouraging teacherpreneurs and YouTubers I have come across in a long time. She’s a music teacher who talks about teacher tips, goal setting and offers wonderful tutorials. She’s also an author! I’ll link her blog and TpT store below. Anyway, in one of her helpful videos about selling on TpT, Becca mentions how important it is to have all of your product cover photos streamlined. Building a “brand” is important to your business so that when people see your products they know exactly who created them. So, that’s what I have been working on this week! I am going back through ALL 165 products and updating my cover images. Which is HARD to settle on a design because who wants to go through this process multiple times? Not me!

While checking out my product statistics on TpT, I was blown away when I saw that my FREE resource for graphing 200 days of school had been downloaded over 15,000 times! Woot. Woot! It also reminded me that I hadn’t printed off a set for my own daughter this school year so we have some catching up to do. My daughter loves to use fun stickers to use on the ten frames to keep track of our days of school. You could also use stamps or even laminate the posters and use dry-erase markers. You can grab your own set of ten frame graphing posters by subscribing below.