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Medical debt is one of the most frustrating debts for our family. Thankfully, we do have decent health insurance. However, due to a few medically necessary surgeries over the last three or four years, our family has owed thousands in medical debt. If you have ever had to deal with lingering medical debt then you probably know that you almost never receive one single bill that includes any and all services that you experienced. Usually, you receive multiple medical bills (hospital bill, physicians bill, anesthesiologists bill, etc.) to keep track of. I have created this neat and simple medical debt tracker that you can use to keep track of various medical debts. The medical debt tracker includes a spot where you can list how much medical debt that you have, a spot where you can identify how much money each medical bill icon is worth and sixty-four medical bill icons.

How do you use the medical debt tracker?

  1. List the amount of debt you have. You can lump all medical debt together on one form or you can print multiple forms so that each medical debt account has its own medical debt tracker.
  2. Take the amount of debt that you have and divide it by sixty-four (the number of medical bill icons). This number is the amount of money that each medical bill icon represents.
  3. Color in the number of medical bill icons that represents the monthly medical debt payment that you have made.

Using debt trackers or savings trackers are very beneficial if you are a visual planner. It is so gratifying to color in those tiny icons that represent the amount of debt you have worked so hard to pay off!

I am currently offering my medical debt tracker for FREE to my subscribers. Medical debt can be overwhelming for some people, so I wanted to offer this tracker for free to those who could use extra motivation in paying off debt.

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