Do your students love color-by-code activities? My students always enjoyed practicing various skills through color-by-code activities. I left the classroom a few years ago and now homeschool my nine year old who is in the fourth grade. She loves testing my new resources out for me and we use them in our homeschool throughout the year.

I created this fun set of three monster-themed color-by-code multiplication sheets. Your students or child/children will be able to review their multiplication facts while following a color code to complete the colored picture.

Why are color-by-code activities good for your students or child/children’s development?

  • encourages focus and concentration to complete the activity
  • requires the child to follow direction
  • helps improve fine motor skills and dexterity
  • helps reinforce learned skills and new subject content
  • they’re fun!

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I hope your students and/or children enjoy the themed multiplication sheets!

You will receive three FREE color-by-code multiplication sheets.