Veterans Day Activities for the Classroom

Veterans Day is a day for recognizing our veterans and current troops. Each year on November 11th, we show our gratitude and appreciation for those who gave so much to protect our country and freedoms. There are many ways you can help your students and children celebrate Veterans Day. Some schools have Veterans Day programs and assemblies where they invite veterans to come speak to children about their experiences and the history of Veterans Day. Others write letters and emails to express their thanks to our veterans and current troops.

Most kids love word search puzzles. There are a lot of uses for word search puzzles in the classroom. They can be used for fun entertainment, review, or as academic work by including spelling and vocabulary words. I have created a free Veterans Day word search puzzle that includes FIFTY words that relate to Veterans Day. The word search that I created was created with upper elementary grades in mind. You can download the free word search puzzle on Teachers Pay Teachers by clicking the image below.

If you don’t have an account on Teachers Pay Teachers, you can click the link below to subscribe to our email list. You will receive our free Veterans Day Word Search Puzzle!

Another activity that my child enjoys doing each year, is coloring a pop art-themed poppy that we hang in our living room or around the house. I created a Pop-Art Poppy activity for my Teachers Pay Teachers shop that includes twenty-five hand drawn pop-art poppies, two poppy stem templates, one blank poppy template, six pop-art poppy designs to use as examples for your kids, and three different writing-page templates that can be used for expressing gratitude and appreciation to our veterans. The blank poppy template can be used by children to create their own pop-art designed poppy. The fun pop-art poppies are great for decorating homes, classrooms, hallways, and auditoriums for Veterans Day assemblies.

I hope your children and students enjoy the activities included in this post and that you find joy in celebrating our veterans.